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MarketinLife offers real business outcomes by strategically focusing on people while at the same time providing a consulting service adapted to our clients’ needs, resources and capacities.

The consumer has more and more experience and expertise in traditional marketing techniques. This situation, added to the fact that consumers are less responsive to uninvited commercial contact and to the fact that they are increasingly making exclusive use of digital channels, has resulted in a difficulty in obtaining a significant business value via the traditional marketing methods.

In the face of this new reality, the marketing experts should think about how to reach and involve new clients and about how to gain their loyalty. The marketing departments of organizations today must be involved with the consumer through collaboration and co-creation thanks to individual, personalized dialogue and through the predictive analysis of both rational and emotional indicators.

MarketinLife offers a wide range of services that are both strategic and operational, the purpose of which is to improve the attraction and retaining of customers through the very improvement of efficiency in the use of the resources available within the organizations.

Some of these services are as follows:

  • Optimisation of the management of marketing resources.
  • Digital Marketing and use of the Social Media Networks.
  • Adaptive marketing.
  • Business influencer marketing.
  • Inbound marketing.

An exclusive working methodology.

Given the array of services that MarketinLife offers, services based on the application of the latest marketing and business development trends, the company employs a unique and exclusive working methodology, whose origin is found in the analysis of the best market practices, in the application of standards of proven reliability, and in the expert knowledge that our professionals have acquired in projects of a complex nature.