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What's SEO is?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of actions that help improve the position of your website in the search engine results list.

Many things can be said about SEO...

...but at heart, it is an optimization process designed to make it more visible and accessible to users on the main search engines such as Google or Bing.

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At MarketinLife we ​​approach SEO taking into account not only the technical aspects, the optimization of the structure and the metadata of a website, but we also place special emphasis on the content to make it more relevant and useful to users in a search ecosystem increasingly focused on providing solutions and answers of true value to people.

We choose the best partners.

An Effective Vision

Our SEO service is focused on offering web crawlers who visit the website high value-added content that helps the search engine understand the objective or purpose of the information contained in each page to provide the end-user with a search result that is aligned with the expectations of both parties: brands and consumers.

Positioning Strategies

Organic Positioning

It is achieved from the indexing of the website by the web spiders that roam the site analyzing and classifying its content.

Search Engine Advertising

It is a type of positioning that is achieved through the hiring of advertising campaigns.

MarketinLife offers a complete web positioning service based on a strategic vision that is the result of a complete situation analysis prepared from a full knowledge of your needs and expectations.

Our SEO Services

SEO Audit

We audit your company's website and devise an effective strategy for it to perform better in search engines. We'll optimize your site's performance so that when people do a Google or Bing search for what you sell, your business name appears first!

SEO OnPage

We regularly audit the pages of your company's website and provide ideas to optimize your positioning so that more potential customers can find your brand.

SEO Strategy

We design a set of actions that help your business reach its full positioning potential not only in the short term but also in the medium and long term. We review and analyze your website traffic to establish a coherent overall plan.

International SEO

Each market presents its challenges and competitors, and at MarketinLife we ​​bring the experience and tools necessary to help you connect with new customers internationally.

Content Strategy

We focus on the quality of the content instead of the quantity. We draw up a plan that facilitates the connection between brands and consumers through a high-value-added link.


We identify the websites that can transfer the highest authority to the domain name of their official website without representing a risk to the positioning of their brand on the Internet. We will only identify quality websites that respond satisfactorily to the needs of the project.


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An SEO agency is responsible for improving the visibility and positioning of your website in the main search engines. The organic part (that is, what is not paid), strives to make the content of your website appear in the first results by targeting keywords or phrases, with specific search intentions.

To choose a good SEO agency you should at least follow some of these indications:

  • A team of professionals with a business vision capable of understanding your needs and expectations to translate them into a well-oriented strategy. It is not enough to have technical knowledge, but the SEO expert must also have previous experience in business development related to the sector in which your company operates.
  • Information and transparency. your company must be well informed about the steps that are being taken in the framework of the provision of the service. We have already seen that SEO is a medium and long-term process and therefore there must be the necessary transparency to be able to be aware of everything that is happening concerning the positioning of your website.
  • Certifications: Choose those SEO agencies that have the support of SEO platforms of recognized prestige. Partnering with the best will always bring you good results and an official certification represents a guarantee that you have the necessary knowledge to exploit the resources most appropriately.
  • Price. SEO is complex as it requires constant dedication and the use of state-of-the-art tools that are often quite expensive. So don't be swayed by inexpensive SEO services as this is a job that requires a significant budget if you want to be successful.


At MarketinLife we try to resolve those general questions that may arise concerning the SEO service provided by our Digital marketing agency.

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