Sports Marketing


The daily operations of a sports organisation in themselves, the expectations presented by the new fan profile and the profound transformation and growth currently being experienced by the market require considerable designation of resources and therefore also require the support that a strong strategic vision, through a range of highly-qualified services, can provide sporting entities, enabling them to adopt the most innovative relationship and business models.

Highly-qualified work methodology

MarketinLife has developed its own work methodology, specifically designed to be applied within the field of sports, primarily as a result of the peculiarities of this type of organization, singularities that require specific knowledge and the implementation of a work model that helps the members of the organization to manage their resources in the most efficient way possible.

Through our learnings about the sport club’s objectives, we design strategic marketing plans that deliver results and improve the supporter´s engagement.

Within sports sector MarketinLife Consulting’s expertise includes:

  • Local and global brand reputation monitoring.
  • Customer´s relationship lifecycle analysis.
  • Sponsorship Portfolio, audit and evaluation.
  • Strategic analysis of Club brand´s internationalization.
  • Merchandising portfolio analysis.
  • Online Marketing and Social Media consulting.
  • e-Commerce strategy, design and analysis.