International Representation

In a global economy, markets often provide new business opportunities that organizations are not able to identify or even to address because they have become immersed in the processes that affect their day-to-day running.

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Experienced Global Network

Occasionally, organizations do not have the knowledge, capacity or even the resources required to adequately insert themselves into international markets in which they can operate somewhat competently given the nature of the product or service they market.

MarketinLife, through its own international structure, provides organizations with a stable, highly-qualified local commercial presence in attractive markets that are likely to generate new business so that, whilst keeping in line with said organisations’ own marketing and internationalization plans, our professionals can contribute to the efficient positioning of their respective brands, goods and services.

These are some of the services offered by MarketinLife’s in this field:

  • Preliminary analysis and immersion in target markets.
  • Dynamic qualification of the global and local competition.
  • Conducting of marketing activities.
  • Design of diversification and adapted, strategic reorientation plans.
  • Innovation in products and services aimed at optimising positioning.
  • Identification of strategic partners and alliances.


Internacionalización de Empresas

How to develop a good Internationalisation Plan

31 May 2020 By Juan Carlos Navarro in Markets