Building knowledge collectively

MarketinLife offers real business outcomes by strategically focusing on people while at the same time providing a consulting service adapted to our clients’ needs, resources and capacities.

Market Insight

Traditional market research does not always lead to real knowledge of the markets. More exhaustive analysis must be carried out to aid a better understanding of the needs that consumers do not readily reveal and thus gain greater influence over their behaviour.

  • Market studies.
  • Competitive positioning in markets.
  • Consumer segmentation.
  • Predictive behaviour model.

Customer Experience Management

Consumer habits change with increasing speed and, for this reason, organisations need to look beyond the traditional indicators to achieve a substantial improvement in the quality of customer service and consequently, customer satisfaction.

  • Comprehensive analysis of customer relations.
  • Customer-orientated strategy.
  • Digital consumers.
  • Customer service.
  • Channel Management.
  • Operational management of unsatisfied customers.
  • Management of the logical evolution of customer behaviour.

International Representation

In a global economy, markets often provide new business opportunities that organisations are not able to identify or even to address because they have become immersed in the processes that affect their day-to-day running.

  • Preliminary analysis and immersion in target markets.
  • Dynamic qualification of the global and local competition.
  • Conducting of marketing activities.
  • Design of diversification and adapted, strategic reorientation plans.
  • Innovation in products and services aimed at optimising positioning.
  • Identification of strategic partners and alliances.

An exclusive working methodology.

Given the array of services that MarketinLife offers, services based on the application of the latest marketing and business development trends, the company employs a unique and exclusive working methodology, whose origin is found in the analysis of the best market practices, in the application of standards of proven reliability, and in the expert knowledge that our professionals have acquired in projects of a complex nature.