The figure of what we know as influencers has grown rapidly and, although some begin to question its relevance in the future, marketing experts continue to contrast the benefits it reports to the brands they represent to publicize their benefits to a broad and delivered audience a priori to their referents. We all know the
You have just written and published new content related to your brand, whether in a blog post, a video, an online manual, a new page on your website, etc. The next logical step is to spread this new content and share it on social networks, in your next email marketing campaign, all to reach the
A brand that can be trusted is priceless. Reaching this stage is not an easy task but if we draw the appropriate steps for each ladder we will be able to build a relationship model that facilitates brand recognition according to our expectations as a company. There are no shortcuts in this purpose. We must
Net Promoter Score is a tool that allows us to measure the loyalty of our clients through recommendations. Thanks to Social Networks, a praise or even a complaint can spread at a high speed and to be able to react and be up to the task as a company in this circumstance is necessary to